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Is this a car rally /competition event ?

NO , its not and purely a drive on a specified route . Cars will be expected  to drive within speed limits .

Is the memorial drive open for Bikes ? 

NO .

What service is being provided for puncture assistance , minor repairs of vehicle if required .?

 we will have a sweeper car with a team of mechanics to help out for any unforeseen breakdowns . If the breakdown is of a major nature , team will assist the car to be taken by flat bed to the nearest major town service for repairs at your expense. Please understand only repairs of a minor nature can be attended to .

What will we have to carry in the car for the memorial drive ?

We shall publish a list on the website that will be mandatory to carry in the car .

Do I need special insurance for the drive ? 

Not required valid vehicle and third party insurance is mandatory and personal accident insurance is recommended for

one week duration

of drive.

What will be the average temperatures during the drive ?

Anything around 16 c during the day to a low of  6c in the night .

Will there be any medical assistance , if required ?

A team of doctors will be available with the drive and can help for any minor ailments . Major ailments which require

 hospitalisation and ambulance will be arranged to the nearest hospital on the route at your cost .

What happens if Covid 19  Pandemic  is not over next year ?

we shall follow all the necessary Govt Sops and Protocols in force at time of the drive. However , if situation is beyond any one's control   and force majeure conditions exist , a decision will be taken by August 1 on the event .

How will we know what is  the route of the drive ?

Road books will be issued every day for the drive which will have clear route instructions and easy to read tulip based on odo readings .

Will list of Hotels at overnite halts be available in advance ?

Yes on the website by June 2021.

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